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Performance, Versatility... Integrity

PET plastic bottles and containers require a high level of performance, excellent clarity and toughness, good stiffness and competitive prices. Blow molded bottles comprise the most important category of rigid packaging applications.

US PACK GROUP manufactures high-quality blow molded PET bottles for food, beverage, industrial, automotive, household, cosmetic, and healthcare industries.

We have the capability to develop and manufacture uniquely-shaped, custom, and proprietary containers. Our Custom packaging possibilities including: specific shapes, colors, logos, and decorations are essential for distinguishing brands in the marketplace, and gaining instant product recognition.

  • Food

    Food Packaging Food container show consumers the flavor, look and taste of the food they will purchase. Providing…

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Personal Care

  • Automobile

     Automobile containers are high performance, strong formulated to fill the bottles with multi-layer of liquid.